Gypsy & Bandit

Chihuahua - Jack Russell Terrier - Baby - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

BANDIT AND GYPSY (both female)



We rescued 7 eight week old puppies who were running lose all over backyards in a neighborhood in East LA.

It took us a week to get them all, and when we eventually found the owners of the mom dog, they agreed to spay her, but did not care about the puppies, and were glad we got them all. The pups were taken to the vet, got first shots, dewormed, and were bathed and look great now, after being feed wholesome food. They have a big playroom, with lots of toys and dog beds and get plenty of love and attention.

Bandit and Gypsy were rescued at the same time. They are very sweet playful. We would like to place them together, or with one of their other siblings, ideally

Jack Russell’s are high energy, active dogs. They need room to run and/or be exercised a lot. We would ideally like breed experienced owners ,who currently own, or have owned a Jack. We are looking to place them in pairs – there are two boys and five girls, or with owners who have another active dog at home. WE WILL NOT PLACE THEM AS ONLY DOGS, nor into homes where there is no-one home for 8 hours. Please do not contact us if you are gone 8 hours or do not have another active dog at home. Ideally we want them to be adopted together.

The puppies will be receiving their second round of shots in early May, and will be microchipped before they go into homes. We will spay/neuter them at 4 months.

These are fun, happy, energetic pups, who love to play with each other and love chew toys and anything they can play tug-of-war with. We do not recommend putting them into homes with small children. A home check, trial period and adoption fee is required. Experienced Jack owners are a plus.