Lhasa Apso - Maltese - Young - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/Neutered

Bonnie is an approximately three year old female Lhasa Apso/ Maltese mix who is full of energy and pep! She gets along with all dogs and is more on the submissive side. She LOVES people and will show that with continuous kisses! She is very high energy and young so she definitely needs daily exercise! It would be great to see her with another dog or she could be an only dog. She does love to be outside when you go out but she needs a yard that is completely enclosed and escape proof. She is not a big barker and not yappy but is just so happy to sit by your side and keep you company. Bonnie is a sweetheart and deserves unconditional love like all dogs do! We are looking for a non-chaotic home that is very secure and owners who are not gone all day. We do not want Bonnie with first time dog owners.