Chihuahua - Dachshund - Senior - Female
Adoptable Small Special Needs

We were told about an emergency situation… a woman left her husband and four dogs, and moved out. After several months the husband threatened to open the back gate and let the four small dogs go! Three were younger, one was a senior chi. All lived outside. We immediately contacted the woman before her soon-to-be ex husband could act on his threat, and saved all four dogs. Three of the dogs were young and in decent shape, so another rescue that we work with kindly agreed to take them, We took the older chi, Sunny, who is 10 years old and 10lbs, into our rescue, as we know how much harder it is to place medical, senior dogs. We had been told that she had weak back legs and eyesight issues. After we got Sunny, who is super sweet and very happy to be indoors and eating cooked chicken, we took her to our vet who X-rayed her legs and back. Sunny has IVDD a degenerative disc disease, which affects her ability to hold herself up for long periods of time, and walk properly, although she does get around pretty well. She is also mildly incontinent, as a result, and we put her in diapers to keep her dry. We are looking for a CALM and loving permanent home for this very special girl. She would be best with owners who can devote time and attention to her and are home a lot, or work from home.
She is gentle and sweet and good with all other dogs. We assume cats, too.