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Support Stray Dogs in Kenya

Please support stray dogs in Kenya and buy these beautiful collars made in Africa. Email Joseph at to order and learn more! Pictures of our rescue dogs wearing his collars.

Rock Star is ready for his home!


This adorable Maltese, that we call ROCK STAR, is ready for his FOREVER HOME. A big thanks to Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo for saving him. We are so glad to have him in our rescue pack!. A special thanks to his wonderful foster, Gina.

Miracle Tiny Chihuahua pups – Pinky and Peanut! Read their amazing rescue story.

Pinky(the white one) and Peanut are our miracle puppies! They are now almost 12 weeks old and were rescued by our foundation when they were an hour old. Their poor mom was a tiny chi who arrived at a downtown vet clinic with two puppies already dead inside her! The owners waited too long to get her medical attention. An emergency C section was performed and Pinky and Peanut were saved, but their poor mom, who was septic, died that night. An incredible angel named Christina Becker stepped in immediately to foster and bottle feed the two little girls. She has had them from day-one and has seen them go from bottle feeding babies to adorable tiny pups who love to play with her cat and pitbull Bella! Pinky and Peanut are very bonded and we will not separate them, so we are looking for one home for both girls. We want a very safe and calm home, no chaos or anywhere where they could get hurt.

They are going to be very small, even full grown. Experienced small chihuahua owners would be ideal. We would like owners who are not gone all day and can devote lots of time and attention to the tiny pair.

Please do not contact us if you are only looking to adopt one of them. They absolutely are going to be adopted as a pair. Pups are vaccinated but not yet spayed or microchipped. They are still too young but will be spaying them when we feel
they are big enough.

There are no words to thank Christina for giving them unconditional love and round-the-clock care when they were tiny babies, and her continued care as the little girls went from bottle feeding to solid food. She truly saved their lives!

The Miraculous Rescue and Transformation of Lizzy

After astounding medical treatment, Lizzy the Schnauzer is ready for her forever home!

Lizzy - Before and AfterA brave, stray Schnauzer mix named Lizzy had her jaw shattered after being brutally kicked as she was defending a puppy on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. Unable to eat or drink for weeks, word of Lizzy’s desperate situation reached the rescue community in Los Angeles. Lizzy was rescued, and rushed across the border by The Forgotten Dog Foundation, along with the puppy she was defending. With time of the essence, Lizzy was taken immediately to a veterinary hospital in Los Angeles, where, after a week of being on a feeding tube, her jaw was put back together, saving her life. Thanks to skilled orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Olds, who performed a five-hour surgery on her broken jaw, Lizzy was able to eat and drink again within 48 hours post surgery.

And then her journey of healing began…

“Lizzy reminds us all in rescue that everything is possible when a pack of people work together to save just one dog. Miracles can happen. Lizzy is one of those special, spirited dogs that keep us all going, even in the darkest hours of being in the trenches of animal rescue.” Linzi Glass, Executive Director of The Forgotten Dog Foundation shared.

Watch the amazing video of Lizzy’s rehabilitation and miraculous transformation, and witness how, after all she had been through, Lizzy found happiness and love.

To view Lizzy’s video click here:

photo 1 (28)

Lizzy – Before

photo 2 (19)

Lizzy – After

Valentine’s Day Dog Adoption Event

Join us on Saturday, February 13th for a Valentine’s Day Dog Adoption!

Saturday, February 13th

11am – 2pm

Bark Williams Dog Spa

2901 Ocean Park Blvd. @ 30th St.

Join me for free give-aways, sweets and treats!

Help make a dogs dream a reality

by giving the gift of LOVE!

Valentines Day Adoption Flyer

Happy Holidays from The Forgotten Dog Foundation





Dolly: A Beautiful Transformation

What a success story! An amazing transformation … one rescue dog’s story!

Watch Dolly’s rescue video now.

As rescuers, the most rewarding part of what we do is being an active part of the miraculous transformation of a dog in need. Dolly the poodle is one such magical rescue story.

We received a call from a woman in Sylmar, saying that a very matted, stray dog had been scrounging for food in trash cans in a vacant lot for months. She had tried to catch her, but to no avail, so was finally reaching out to rescue. With the help of Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, we managed to get Dolly that same day. She was in such horrific shape it was shocking even to us well seasoned rescuers. Dolly could barely see, and her matted fur was so heavy and thick it was tearing from her skin. What pain she must have endured. We rushed her immediately to the groomers where they shaved her, and removed 10 pounds of matting from this 15 pound dog! Once in a foster home, Dolly began to thrive. With lots of TLC and good nutrition she was ready for a home within a month. She was adopted, along with another rescue poodle that we had, by a wonderful woman. Dolly, now named Paris, lives the good life with her poodle sister, Nicky, in a lovely house in Cheviot Hills.

Its dog’s like Dolly that keep us doing the work we do…saving one dog at a time.

With your continued support, we are able to rescue more dogs like Paris!

photo (6)

Saved! Ten Dogs in Ten Days

Dear Forgotten Dog Foundation Friends and Supporters,

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2015, and while here in California we are dealing with a major drought, there is far from a drought when it comes to the number of animals that desperately need saving in Los Angeles. This summer has been an all time high for the rescue community, and we need your support now more than ever. To give you insight into what we are faced with every day, here are the stories of ten dogs that we rescued in just ten days. Three of the ten dogs needed extensive surgeries that cost over $10,000. Despite the difficult life each has had so far, each and every one will have a wonderful and happy ending because of our dedication to them, and because of your loving and generous support.

With thanks from all of us at The Forgotten Dog and the Lucky Ten!


IMG_0449Truman was seen being hit by a homeless man as he scrounged for food. This filthy and starving 11 month old was rescued by our Watts Angel, Kathy, who had a knife pulled on her as she saved this pup! She immediately brought him to us. After getting him fully vet checked and bathed, we discovered that this sweet and gentle boy was just an amazingly sweet dog, despite the horrors that he had clearly been through.


photo 1 (6)At his very first adoption Truman, our immediate name for him, was smitten with a lovely woman, Caryn, and her two daughters, and the feelings were mutual!

Truman is now living the good life in Pacific Palisades and is so loved and cherished!




IMG_0441 (1)We got a call from another rescuer telling us that Bailey would be heading to the shelter in the morning as the person who had him was unable to keep him for any longer. With the animal numbers way beyond capacity at the shelters–because of the deluge of lost dogs found running scared from the 4th of July fireworks–we knew that even a dog as cute as Bailey might not make it out. We immediately sent someone to get him, and we are so glad that we did! Bailey is a two year old Havanese mix and is just an adorable and easy boy, who just needs a spot to sit beside you on the couch. He’s good with all people and other dogs. Now neutered, vaccinated and groomed, Bailey is with one of our fosters, but ready for his forever home.



photo (2)Lincoln is a calm and sweet one year old Shep mix. We rescued him with the help of Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws and Lisa Chiarelli. He had been starving for months on the streets of Watts, begging for food at the Taco stand. Lincoln bonds easily and is loving and well behaved. He is good with kids and adults alike, and all dogs, big and small. He would be best with active owners who are not gone all day. He is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccines.




2pupsstandsit (1)We rescued Leo and Linus, two 4 month old Giant Schnauzer/Airedale mixes, from a backyard breeder situation in South LA. They came to us filthy, dehydrated, and full of fleas and ticks.

After being bathed, fully vetted and treated-microchipped, neutered and vaccinated–they are now healthy and happy! These spectacular boys are good natured and will be large breed dogs for sure. We wish to place them with other playful dogs apart. They are good with all dogs and people and need active owners!



IMG_0600 (1)This shy and gorgeous, roughly one year old Golden retriever mix, now named Cheyenne, was found terrified on the streets of South LA right before the 4th of July. Efforts were made to find her owners, but with no collar, ta
g or microchip, our search was difficult. After no owner stepped up, she became one of ours. After we had her vaccinated, microchipped and spayed, Cheyenne was adopted and is living with a loving family in Eagle Rock, CA!




photo (3)At seven pounds and seven months old, Hoot came into the South Los Angeles shelter as a stray with a fracture in her leg. She was put in ISO with other injured dogs and there she sat. With time running out and euthanasia a definite reality, a long standing foster saw a plea to save her and reached out to us. We immediately got Hoot to safety and to our orthopedic surgeon. Turns out the broken leg had healed and surgery was not needed.

Hoot is a happy, loving sprightly angel who prances and plays and gives kisses all day. She was also just adopted by an actor and his wife and is enjoying her new life in New York City!



photo 1 (8)Little Mimi, a cockapoo pup that was only eight weeks old when we rescued her, was hit by a car in Bakersfield and was then left untreated for 24 hours! When we learned of this situation, we immediately had a transporter get Mimi and bring her straight to one of our specialty vets. After putting her on fluids and photo (4)oxygen for a day, Mimi was stabilized and x-rayed. We learned that she had two broken legs. Dr Olds, the wonderful orthopedic surgeon at VCA Brentwood, did surgery on Mimi’s one leg and splinted the other. Because she is so young, spirited Mimi is healing fast and ruling the coop at her foster’s home! This little princess will soon be ready for her forever home.



papatommyTommy was found in a field in Bakersfield fending for his three Shep/pit mix pups. Sadly the mama of his babies was nowhere in sight, and so Tommy was both mom and dad to them. Papa and babies were taken into someone’s back yard. We were told they were going to another rescue when we offered to take them all. We were horrified to learn that they were never given to a rescue, and they all got out right before the 4th of July! Ten days later Tommy was found starving and filthy scrounging for food. We had him immediately picked up and brought to our vets in LA. He was dehydrated and riddled with ticks. After a few days of vet care and grooming, Tommy was neutered at a different facility and suffered a rare complication post surgery and he nearlyIMG_0643 died! Fortunately after emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding, Tommy is finally on the mend and doing fine!
This sweet, two year old boy has adopted Leo, our giant Schnauzer puppy, as his new son for now. Sadly, after posting reward signs in Bakersfield for his babies, none have been found.



IMG_0668The call came late at night, and a texted photo of a little, blind gray dog. Hit by a car in South Los Angeles – the driver did not stop, no one else stopped, no one cared. Except one woman who saw the horrible hit-and-run, who called a friend… who called The Forgotten Dog Foundation.

The easy, simple thing to do is say no, sorry, we can’t help. But that photo… a matted, dehydrated little bag of bones who had obviously suffered a lifetime of neglect, finally fending for her herself on the mean streets. We immediately rushed to save her.

We named her Tilly and took her to go to the nearest all-night vet. Tilly was thought to be blind and thought to be a senior. She was immediately given a pain injection and put on fluids. Once stabilized, x-rays showed that she had a double fracture in her pelvis, and dislocation of both hips. The car ran right over her.

We transferred her the next day to our orthopedic surgeon in West L.A. where wonderful Dr. Olds was reluctant to perform surgery on Tilly’s hips for eight weeks, until her pelvis had healed.

He also discovered that Tilly is not a senior as first thought, but somewhat younger. And after a very gentle, warm bath, the little gray waif was free of a coat of motor oil and filth, and transformed into a fluffy, white, mostly-Maltese beauty. Most importantly, Tilly was wagging her tail IMAG1361_1 (1)and giving kisses to the doctor and staff. We knew that we would do whatever was necessary to restore the sweet little girl to health, and find her the happy forever home she so deserved.

Unfortunately, Tilly’s injuries were such that she could not go to the bathroom, and stopped eating. Dr. Olds performed surgery last week. He realigned her pelvis, performed an FHO (removal of the top of the femur) on one side of her hip, and relocated the second hip.
We are pleased to so that Tilly came through with flying colors and is on the mend!


Thank you for your continued support of The Forgotten Dog Foundation. Together, we can continue to help save more dogs like these lucky ten.

With appreciation and gratitude,

Linzi Glass
Executive Director
The Forgotten Dog Foundation

Saving Little Tuffy!


On Labor Day, we got a frantic text about a little dog that had been hit by a car in South Central and had been left to die amongst the rubble. She had been there at least a day and was already covered in ants! A kind woman who found her, reached out to rescues, frantically looking for someone to please come save this pup!

We wasted no time and responded immediately, as time was now of the essence – she was holding on by a thread. Thanks to volunteer Kathy Mitchell, who was at the scene within 20 minutes and raced her to City of Angels, and Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, who immediately undertook the enormous vet care commitment to help save Little Tuffy’s life, the stars were aligned for this discarded baby.

The veterinary team, who started working on her right away, said she was already so dehydrated that her eyes had sunken in…

Little Tuffy, we learned, was only four months old and had three broken legs. After several days in intensive care, and with her vitals stabilized, we were able to move her to VCA Animal Hospital Brentwood, where the wonderful Dr. Kim postponed the start of his vacation to perform her multiple leg surgeries. She was able to be moved to her foster’s house the next day.

Little Tuffy is one tough little girl and is already back on her feet! A few steps at a time, but doing great.

It takes a pack of caring people to save one dog, so please join the TUFFY PACK by helping her and us to save other dogs in desperate need. Donate today!


Look at Little Tuffy now!