THE FORGOTTEN DOG FOUNDATON is a dedicated group of volunteers that care deeply about the well-being of animals in need. Since our formation as a non-profit in 2009, we have placed over 1,500 dogs into loving forever homes.

We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs of all shapes and sizes, but the majority of our dogs are under 20 pounds. These “forgotten dogs” are shelter dogs that were set to be euthanized, dogs left in foreclosures and starving strays running the streets. We take in dogs that people can no longer afford to keep and abused dogs that are removed from their neglectful owners. We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our dogs, once rescued, go into private foster homes, where they are cared for in a loving environment before being adopted. Our dogs are all vetted, groomed and fed wholesome food. They go from scared and hungry to sassy and happy in just mere weeks!

The funds we raise go for vet bills – spaying and neutering, shots and surgeries, if needed. Donations allow us to give fosters a small amount for their efforts and buy food and treats and toys for dogs who sometimes have never relaxed long enough to lie in the sun and chew on a bone or chase a ball. An application, home check, and one week trial is done before a dog is adopted out.

To make a donation go to http://www.theforgottendog.org/donate/.